Twitter working on Snapchat-style video feature

Twitter is working on a Snapchat-like feature to make it easier to post videos on the company’s app. The current process to do so is somewhat cumbersome, requiring the user to open the app, click on the tweet icon, then the camera icon, switch to video mode, click ‘Done’ and finally hit the ‘Tweet’ button.

A report on says that Twitter has a working demo of the product, according to “people familiar with the matter”, but that neither the the design or release date have been finalised. The goal of the new feature is to entice people to share video clips of what’s happening around them.

If the rumours are true, it would seem that Twitter is following in Facebook’s footsteps in aping Snapchat’s most popular innovations. The company is banking on video to turn around its fortunes, but suffered a blow earlier this week when COO Anthony Noto, the man widely credited with leading Twitter’s drive into video, announced he was leaving to join fintech startup SoFi.