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Zeemote Launches Blackberry SDK

David Murphy

Zeemote, which makes intelligent wireless controllers for mobile devices, has announced the forthcoming availability of the Zeemote SDK (Software Development Kit) for the BlackBerry.
The Zeemote SDK will allow BlackBerry developers to create mobile games that are compatible with Zeemotes award-winning JS1 Controller, a wireless, analogue joystick for mobile phones that connects via Bluetooth. Zeemote says that the JS1 Controller,  already launched in European markets, has proved that mobile game play is dramatically enhanced by the portable thumbstick. The JS1 has a thumbstick and four assignable trigger buttons, and weighs just 47g.
The new Zeemote SDK for BlackBerry includes a set of standards, simple testing procedures and support that make it easier for developers to bring games to market that function with the JS1 Controller. The SDK builds on the Zeemote Ready developer program, a design protocol that, says Zeemote, ensures an exciting and consistent consumer experience with the JS1 Controller.
By adding RIMs cutting-edge BlackBerry smartphones to the list of handsets that already work with the JS1 Controller, we are able to bring the Zeemote experience to even more people, says Jim Adams, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Sales and Business Development for Zeemote.  The JS1 Controller is truly game-changing, allowing customers to play mobile games like never before, and in the process creating countless new opportunities for manufacturers, developers and operators.
Developers wishing to pre-register for Zeemotes SDK for BlackBerry should send an email to: