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Facebook Rolls Out Event Ads for Local Sales

Alex Spencer

Facebook Event AdsFacebook has revealed a new news feed ad unit for events marketers that mirrors the event invitations that can already be sent on the site.

While brand-managed Pages can already create events on the social network, these were previously limited to being sent to users who had already 'liked' the page, or were promoted in the right hand column. As the new ad unit is rolled out over the next few weeks, brands will be able to deploy invitations into users' main News Feed.

The new ads can encourage consumers to attend not only individual events such as movies, concerts or book launches, but also sales-driven events held by retailers or restaurant owners. Event hosts can also now view insights, showing how many people have seen the link to the event, how many have viewed the event, and how many have chosen to attend.

"In addition to the enhancements we've made to events for Pages, we're also improving the events experience for people on Facebook," said the company in a blog post to accompany the news. "Each person's events page has a new look and feel to better highlight their upcoming events and showcase new events, including suggested events based on information such as the Pages they like, their location and the day of the week."

Facebook has also revised its advertising tools so that advertisers can target ads based on how strong someone's phone signal is during any given visit, meaning that advertisers can limit data-heavy ads like video to people on strong 4G connections, while running light-bandwidth text ads for those on 2G connections.

The change, reported by Advertising Age, includes Facebook's mobile network of third-party apps, and is aimed at encouraging marketers in emerging markets like India and Thailand that generally have weaker cell reception, and a higher proportion of phones unable to support high-bandwidth content.