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Acision and OgilvyOne Unveil 2020 Vision

David Murphy

Acision and OgilvyOne have announced their vision for the mobile advertising industry, with the launch of their joint Mobile Advertising - 2020 Vision Whitepaper. Acision and OgilvyOne formed the 2020 vision as part of their ongoing alliance, with the aim of enabling mobile operators, brands and media/advertising agencies to deliver targeted digital marketing and advertising.
At a time when mobile advertising is still in its infancy, the Whitepaper looks at the journey towards 2020, the challenges the industry will face and need to overcome, and the ongoing transformation that will take place. The predictions for 2020 include:

  • The transformation of the advertising agency from being brand led to one which  incorporates the consumer into the communication process

  • The evolution of consumers having adverts pushed to them, to being able to select what information they want to receive

  • The segmentation of mobile operators, with some gravitating towards providing only services, which may well be offered via an ad-supported model, while others will excel at delivering the bit pipe capability to the service providers.

In 2020, the companies say, mobile advertising will have become mobile directed advertising. It will be about more collaboration with the individual and individuals control. Consumers will decide where, when and on what screen they receive a chosen ad, with the device becoming a technological representation of them. Ads will transform to initiate two way dialogue with the individual, and all players in the mobile advertising value chain will need to recognise this and embrace it.
Although mobile advertising is currently an embryonic market, its potential remains clear, says Jo Wall, Proposition Manager, Mobile Advertising at Acision. Acision believes that mobile operators hold the knowledge, which if properly deployed, will establish operators at the heart of the mobile advertising value chain, transforming mobile advertising into a strategic multi-billion dollar industry for all parties involved.
The Whitepaper is available to download here.