Blinkx Guards Against Programmatic Ad Fraud with RhythmGuard

Alex Spencer

BlinkxOnline video platform Blinkx has launched RhythmGuard, a proprietary filtering technology intended to reduce ad fraud. RhythmGuard promises to eliminate suspicious, under-performing or fraudulent traffic before it enters the programmatic marketplace.

The launch comes as part of a wider rebrand for Blinkx, as it brings the various parts of its ad offering under a single umbrella: RhythmOne, or 1R for short.

1R takes its name from Rhythm NewMedia, the mobile video advertising firm Blinkx acquired for $65m (£43m) in December 2013, on which it has built its cross-platform ad offering.

“By combining these entities, we make it easier to access all of our services, platforms and ad formats through a single, unified offering and brand,” said Dan Slivjanovski, Chief Marketing Officer of RhythmOne. “The new brand lets us break down traditional format- or channel-centric silos in how online advertising is bought and sold, shifting the conversation instead to the advertiser’s target audience and campaign KPI.”