Bosch launches TV campaign and Instagram filter to promote wiper blades

Bosch has launched a campaign for its windscreen wiper blades. Created by ad agency, Bailey Lauerman, the ‘Night Vision has Evolved’ campaign, highlight the innovative features of Bosch wiper blades to provide optimal night-time clarity and enhance safer night driving. 

The campaign is running in the US across broadcast, digital and social this winter. As part of the campaign, Bosch is launching an Instagram filter that extends the TV spot concept of transforming a drivers eyes into those of a nocturnal creature to highlight the technological innovation of Night Performance wiper blades. You can engage with the filter on a mobile device here

“The featured 30-second ad highlights how Bosch Focus, Envision Focus and Envision Night Performance wiper blades are designed to sharpen night-time visibility and provide extreme weather safety,” said Scott Sullivan, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Bosch AA. “People only do 25 per cent of their driving at night, yet 50 per cent of traffic deaths happen during this time, proving just how dangerous night-time driving can be. When you add in inclement weather, these risks and the stress of night-time driving continue to climb.”