BuzzCity Launches White Label Ad Service

BuzzCity, which provides global wireless communities and consumer services, has announced the release of the BuzzCity White Label Ad Service a management tool for mobile web site publishers that run large-scale mobile advertising programs. The system allows publishers to tap into the powerful infrastructure behind the BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Network, stress-tested with the delivery of more than 20 billion mobile ads.
The BuzzCity White Label Ad Service is a turnkey service that enables mobile Internet site owners to sell their own ad inventory while avoiding the large cash outlays and long-term commitments of having to build their own ad serving infrastructure. The technology underlying the service allows companies to tap into the infrastructure behind a global mobile advertising network and take full control of their ad sales.
For most mobile website owners, simply running ads directly from an established advertising network works well for monetizing mobile Internet traffic. But on fast-growing and popular mobile sites, BuzzCity says its White Label Ad Service can help sell higher paying ads and generate revenue by optimizing campaigns to suit specific business needs.
Additionally, when mobile Internet site users have unfilled or unsold ad inventory, the BuzzCity White Label Ad Service will run ads from the BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Network, drawing from a network that serves more than 3 billion mobile ads per month. This, the company says, relieves publishers of any excess ad inventory, and allows them to take advantage of maximum revenue possibilities.
The BuzzCity White Label Ad Service represents the first time that advertisers running large scale advertising campaigns can easily tap into the infrastructure of a major global mobile advertising network with low start up costs and no investment in back-end infrastructure, says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. Part of BuzzCitys mission is to encourage the growth of the mobile Internet and mobile Internet advertising through innovative products and services that empower mobile publishers and advertisers alike. This a significant step forward in this regard.
The product is available now to customers around the world and represents the latest addition to BuzzCitys mobile advertising offerings. The companys BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Network, on which the BuzzCity White Label Ad Services underlying technology is based, now includes more than 2,000 mobile Internet publishers in 200 countries.