BuzzCity Reports Huge Mobile Ad Growth

David Murphy

BuzzCity, which provides global wireless communities and consumer services, has revealed that it has seen year-on-year growth of 917% in mobile ads served across its mobile advertising network in the US. The company says that it expects mobile ads served on its network in the US market to reach more than 100 million ad views per month by the end of Q2, 2008.    
BuzzCitys myGamma Advertising Network serves ads on more than 2,000 mobile publisher sites in 70 countries in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa, and on the companys myGamma mobile social networking community. myGamma and the myGamma Advertising Network have been quietly operating in the US market for more than a year now. BuzzCity recently marked its official launch in the US by announcing the planned opening an office in San Francisco this summer.
The U.S. mobile market is primed for huge mobile advertising growth, says BuzzCity CEO, K.F. Lai.  As operators and carriers continue to move toward unlimited data plans and awareness of the mobile Internet continues to grow, we expect to continue to experience massive growth in ad impressions in the market this year.   
The US is now in 4th place in the companys latest quarterly mobile advertising index, which measures the total number of ads served during each three-month period of the fiscal year. For the period between 1 January and 31 March, approximately 132 million ad impressions were recorded across BuzzCitys US-based publisher partners and on the US version of its myGamma social networking community.
The myGamma Advertising Network serves both banner and text ads on mobile devices, and provides advertisers with tools and analytics that allow them to target their campaigns and track results. In Q1 this year, the networks top 10 markets served a total of 2 billion ads, representing a year-on-year growth of 800%.