CoppaFeel! takes to the streets with UGC-driven Shoreditch mural encouraging people to check their chest

Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! has launched a social and OOH campaign as part of a collaboration between Tyla, Lawless Studios and Supernova at the7stars. The campaign focuses on promoting the early detection of breast cancer by encouraging young people to get to know their bodies.

CoppaFeel! has teamed up with social publisher Tyla for the latest iteration of its ‘Know Yourself’ campaign which kicked off last year. It takes the messaging into the social sphere and utilises Tyla’s monthly reach of 56 million to help gain new audiences.

Tyla, part of Ladbible Group, is home to womens entertainment, lifestyle inspiration and real-life stories. It is helping CoppaFeel! To spread the message by tapping into the Ladcreator Network to curate UGC content around the question; ‘What does your chest feel like?’. The online engagement is led by key influencers and the interaction of their followers.

To amplify these conversations and champion individuality and body positivity further, Lawless Studios came onboard with mural artist Molly Hankinson. Hankinson is tasked with visually interpreting the ‘spoken word, poems, sonnets’ written by influencers (and their audiences) in a huge two-week mural on Hanbury Street, London.

Showcasing all genders and bodies of different shapes and sizes in one huge, brightly-coloured painting, the mural will bring to life real, raw and authentic feelings from CoppaFeel! creators Oneone, Steven Kellen, Remi Sadé, Talk to Coco and Cambell Kenniford, as well as their followers. QR codes will encourage people to use the Self-Checkout tool to learn how to check their chest, and a mirror aims to encourage passers-by to look and think ‘how does their chest feel?’.

The campaign was planned and booked by the7stars. The art installation will be on display in the heart of Shoreditch, during all stages of the design process. The mural was completed today and will remain visible until 20 November.

“We are so thrilled to have worked with Tyla and Lawless Studios on this incredible project, furthering CoppaFeel!’s impact through the use of OOH,” said Poppy Brady, PR and Marketing Manager at CoppaFeel! “As the final iteration of CoppaFeel!’s #KnowYourself campaign, this project’s aim is to encourage young people to explore their chests in order to get to know their body’s normal. Early diagnosis of breast cancer saves lives, and we are so excited to engage our audience in this new and innovative way.”