Dunkin' sees audio ad engagement rise by 238 per cent

Gabby Fernie

American coffee and doughnut company, Dunkin' has become one of the first brands to run campaigns using AI Music’s Sympaphonic Ads technology with AdsWizz

The integration between AI Music and AdsWizz means that brands and agencies using AdsWizz AudioMatic can enable the background audio of the ads to automatically adjust to the listener’s music genre, in real-time when the ad is played.

The technology also has been shown to result in more ad engagement, and to significantly cut production time for brands and agencies, while delivering a more personalised ad experience.

Since tapping into the joint solution, Dunkin' has already seen a 238 per cent higher engagement compared to non-personalised ads. 

“We’re thrilled to be one of the first brands to run campaigns using the Sympaphonic Ad product with AdsWizz, in collaboration with Publicis Inspire Media Engine, as we promote our espresso platform and highlight our new non-dairy offerings. Leveraging the AI ad product gives listeners a seamless, personalized ad experience” said VP of Media at Dunkin’, Keith Lusby.