Euronews partners with Sublime to launch PMP

Handshake business deal

European news network Euronews has teamed up with Sublime, a high-impact marketplace for performance-based ad experiences, to build its own programmatic private marketplace (PMP) using Sublime’s technology.

The integration will enable Euronews advertisers, agencies, and trading desks to access Sublime’s creative ad units – such as video skinz and classic skinz – in an automated manner via deal ID.

“Sublime’s technology is innovative, programmatic demand is consistent, and leading multi-device brand formats have made it a successful partnership,” said Zsofia Toth, programmatic manager at Euronews. “We look forward to growing our relationship with Sublime by being able to offer this outstanding service and capabilities to our clients.”

The link-up, which will also make use of Sublime’s partnership with supply side platform Smart, will enable Euronews to harness the programmatic guaranteed model, providing a means for buyers and publishers to form a deal based on a guaranteed volume of impressions at a fixed price.

“We are thrilled to be providing premium publisher Euronews with our industry-leading technology. Sublime’s programmatic guaranteed model grants greater control over purchases, while providing high-impact, quality campaigns at scale,” said Andrew Buckman, Sublime COO. “Through Euronews, partner advertisers and agencies will have access to Sublime’s engaging and creative ad units in the confidence they are buying in a transparent and brand-safe environment, free of fraud.”