Facebook is the leading ad network to offer rewarded video: report

Alyssa Clementi

Soomla, an in-app monetization measurement platform, has released its debut Monetization Benchmark report for Q1 2019, which provides a detailed look at the differing Monetization levels of hundreds of apps, and includes a ranking of the most successful monetization providers within the mobile industry.

The data published in the report was compiled from the Soomla Platform, which has over 100m users and more than 2.1bn impressions in eight countries, between January and March of 2019. Soomla intended the report to allow ad networks, advertisers and publishers to be able to have a transparent look at the current state of monetization.

Yaniv Nizan, co-founder and CEO of Soomla, said: “Soomla's mission is to continue and provide publishers with unique In-App Advertising Insights. This is becoming increasingly important in today's world.”

In Q1 2019 in-app interstitials reduced in popularity, considering rewarded video generated the highest eCPM globally, with Facebook leading the ad networks which provided rewarded video, especially in the US. Outside of the US, however, Facebook did not offer a competitive eCPM rate, as compared to other ranking networks.

The Monetization Benchmark report goes on to rank the top performing advertisers per ad type and platform, which allow ad networks and publishers to have a clear idea of which advertisers are exerting more effort into each specific ad format and platform. Soomla also found that various advertisers consistently rank as a “top 10” advertiser across multiple ad formats and platforms.