EDMAs 2021

Facebook reveals new movie ads to help film studios drive revenue

Alyssa Clementi

Starting today, Facebook is launching two new ad solutions that revolve around getting more people to the movies. Film studios will now be able to purchase movie reminder ads and movie showtime ads, which will aim to increase ticket sales and spread the word about upcoming movies to uninformed Facebook members.

“Moviegoers often discover a film months before its release, but they need reminders when a film they care about is about to hit theaters. With movie reminder ads, when people see an ad for a film in their News Feed, they can now tap an Interested button to receive a reminder in their Facebook notifications when the movie hits theaters,” said Facebook’s blog post.

Once the reminder is received, the notification will take people to the movie’s Facebook page, where anyone can look up local showtimes and purchase tickets. Facebook will also be launching movie showtime ads, which will allow users to click on a Get Showtimes button right when they scroll past a movie ad. The Get Showtimes button will redirect users to the film’s Facebook page, where people can found out.

“Advertisers testing these solutions are already seeing strong results driving showtime lookups and ticket sales. Universal Pictures used Facebook showtime ads to promote its recent holiday film, "The Grinch," and saw a significant increase in showtime lookups and ticket purchases,” said Facebook.