Data: 43% of Gen Z gamers find in-game ads ‘disruptive’

Nearly half (43%) of Gen Z gamers have revealed they find advertising in games “so disruptive it ruins the experience”, according to new data.

According to The ZBD Gen Z Gamer Studywhich is based on a survey of over 2,000 Gen Z gamers in the US, 50% said they are a little annoyed by the in-game advertisers, however, they don’t mind them in free games.

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A further 81% of those surveyed stated they have played or would play a video game from a non-gaming brand, like Nikeland in Roblox.  Meanwhile, 68% added that they have bought or are considering buying a branded item within a video game.

Some also revealed they like to see gaming brands away from the game itself, particularly in films and TV shows (57%), physical places such as theme parks (51%), and clothing (49%).

The study also shed light on how Gen Z often engage with brands through creators and influencers.

Some 67% of participants said they would trust a brand more if influencers or creators they know engaged with it, with males more likely to engage with influencers on YouTube (79%), while females favour TikTok (75%).

ZBD Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Cousens, said: “Gen Z is the first to grow up as digital natives, meaning there are stark differences with any that came before.

It’s imperative for consumer brands and advertisers to understand how to communicate and engage with the most technologically plugged-in generation in history, which demands authenticity and fairness above all.”