How Do You Frudoo?

David Murphy

Frudoo Mobile Media & Commerce has unveiled Frudoo, an opt-in mobile advertising service that is open to any UK mobile phone owner aged 16 or over on any network.

Frudoo members profile themselves to receive relevant ads, based on their declared interests. They receive a maximum of four ads a day and for each ad, 5p goes into their Frudoo account. They can choose to keep this money or donate it to charity.

Frudoo CEO Chris Brown says the company has also produced a white-label version of the service for a charity, enabling the charity to give its supporter the option of receiving ads on their phone and donating the funds to the charity.

Frudoo members can opt in or out of the system at any time, and can also rate and give feedback too advertisers on messages received on their phone via the Frudoo website. Frudoo uses a back-end system developed by a company called HooHaa in New Zealand, who signed up 2 per cent of the New Zealand population for a similar service.

Brown says he is talking to all major media buying agencies to get advertisers signed up. An affiliate scheme, including companies and organisations with large consumer databases, is one of the main methods being used to drive member sign-ups, and Brown says he would be: “disappointed not to get a million members in the first year.”