In-app Ads a Major Turn Off For Two Thirds of 16-24s

Kids67 per cent of 16-24 year olds identify advertising as a major turn-off when it comes to apps, according to research from Voxburner.

Ads are even a bigger problem than performance issues, with just 45 per cent identifying long load times as a turn-off.

However, with 76 per cent saying they arent keen on paying to download apps, theres a big question mark on how developers should best monetise their apps. Voxburner identify freemium as the best choice, but its worth noting that only 30 per cent of 16-24s have ever spent money on an in-app purchase.

Push off
Push notifications also came in for a bashing in the survey, with 34 per cent identifying them as a turn-off.

28 per cent of 16-24s say they always turn off push notifications immediately after downloading an app, and a further 60 per cent will turn them off if they get too many notifications.