Invenda makes vending machine ad inventory available programmatically

Vending machine manufacturer Invenda has made the ad inventory on its vending machines in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands available to be booked programmatically, with the US and the UAE to follow.

Invenda’s machines sport advertising real estate in the form of 46-inch or 49-inch screens. Now, through a partnership with DOOH supply-side and monetisation platform, SSP1, the inventory is bookable via deals, private and open auctions.

The vending machines are located in in the UK in universities, retail and sports centres; in Germany in gyms; and in the Netherlands, in tram stations, leisure and sport centres and petrol stations, and. In total, advertisers can generate more than ten million contacts per month via the newly connected inventory.

“The programmatic commercialisation of the advertising space on our vending machines is an important step,” said Francesca Meloni, DOOH Advertising Director at Invenda. We are disrupting the vending market, creating the first vending media network with touch screens that allows us to create engagement and brand awareness. What we offer is unique – an abundance of (GDPR-compliant) location and transactional data, prime locations, and the possibility of targeted audience marketing directly at the point of sale.”