Pacsun launches Los Angeles Tycoon experience on Roblox

Youth fashion retailer Pacsun has launched its second virtual experience, Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon, in the metaverse, on Roblox. The Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon experience pays homage to Pacsun’s Southern California roots by offering the Roblox community the opportunity to build their own map of SoCal, including initial builds in Downtown LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood, with future expansions to come. Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon is an extension of Pacsun’s presence on Roblox and comes almost a year after the release of PacWorld, Pacsun’s interactive mall experience. In addition to building their own mall, the Roblox community will now be able to build their own Los Angeles neighbourhoods with Pacsun.

Reflecting tycoon gameplay, which is one of the most popular and successful genres on Roblox, Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon showcases real-life inspiration and building locations, and encourages users to harness their skills to build their way through Downtown LA then Santa Monica, and end in Hollywood. Once each region is completed, a dedicated piece of a Pacsun store will be unlocked in the specific zone as a prize for completing the region. Users then get access to the respective stores, which are the epicentre of the cities, and are able to view and buy community-created merchandise. At this point, users can invite friends to engage with their designs in each city. There will be 20 digital items inspired by Pacsun’s Spring 2023 collection of physical apparel, as well as a wearable accessory called ‘the aura’, which is reflective of two key elements of the Pacsun brand – sun and water. 

“Following positive consumer response to both PacWorld and our seasonal catalog of clothing offering on Roblox, we recognize the importance to expand our presence on Roblox and continue to offer our community new build experiences, where they can step outside the mall and leverage their skills to build their own rendition of the Los Angeles cities that make up the heart of Pacsun,” said Pacsun Co-CEO, Brie Olson. “Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon is filled with all-new surprise and delight moments that tie in elements from our physical offerings rolling out this year, and we’re excited to debut our Spring 2023 collection in a way where our community can experience it in both virtual and physical worlds.”

According to the Roblox 2022 Metaverse Fashion Trends study, 70 per cent of Gen Z say their avatars dress at least somewhat like their IRL style, while equally as many users get physical style inspiration from dressing their avatar. Users will be able to get clothing from Pacsun’s recently-released Spring 2023 collection virtually to mirror their physical outfits on their avatar.

A slew of Easter eggs featuring Pacsun designs can be found throughout the game. There are also a number of obstacle courses to conquer that revere the featured regions throughout gameplay to give Roblox users from all over the world a taste of the Los Angeles lifestyle, including a Santee Alley-inspired obstacle course, and the opportunity to track down celebrities to collect autographs. After completing an autograph-=seeking quest in the Hollywood-inspired area of the map near the end of the game, users will be granted the Pacsun Aura. Within the Santa Monica map, users can also opt to drive around in style with a classic DMC Delorean.