S4M extends new buying model to the offline world

French ad tech firm S4M is launching a new buying model called the Cost Per Incremental Visit (CPIV), designed for campaigns aimed at driving real-life foot traffic. Using the new model, brands will only pay for additional visits into stores generated by online campaign impressions.

The new model aims to build on the Cost Per Landing Page (CPLP) model introduced by S4M in late 2016, which charged advertisers based on incremental visits to eCommerce pages. The CPIV model goes even further in enabling marketers to base their campaigns on real-world behaviours, and is tailored for each advertiser based on their industry, campaign period, and existing brand awareness.

While the traditional cost per visit (CPV) model already exists as an industry standard, measuring the total number of visits into a store can include organic customers, or those who may have been inclined to visit based on other channels. CPIV attempts to address this by identifying and charging incremental visits generated into stores exclusively from online campaigns.

The model uses a unique machine learning algorithm as part of this incremental approach, with advertisers able to measure store visits from various third-party independent actors.

“A drive-to-store strategy that can boost visits into a point of sale from an online campaign presents huge potentials for retailers to boost revenues,” said Christophe Collet, CEO of S4M. “However, each visit comes at a price that should not be fixed across the board. For example, the true cost of an incremental visit for a fast-food consumer is not the same as a visit of a potential car buyer into a dealership. Focusing on incremental visits is a revolutionary shift for marketers and will surely become the new KPI for the industry.”