Simulmedia and LiveRamp partner for easier TV-to-digital data

New York-based marketing technology company Simulmedia has joined forces with LiveRamp, an Acxiom-owned identity resolution provider, to enable advertisers to tie their TV advertising to online measurement with more ease.

The strategic partnership aims to enable marketers to activate their first-party or CRM data on national TV, through Simulmedia’s performance TV platform and LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution.

“Our partnership with LiveRamp is a major step in making first-party data automatically actionable for TV targeting and measurement,” said Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Simulmedia. “This partnership empowers marketers to use their granular customer data to create highly targetable segments.”

Simulmedia’s performance TV platform offers ‘second-by-second device viewing data from millions of US households’ and is said to combine data-driven targeting with predictive algorithms, providing brands with actionable insights. Meanwhile, LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution enables ‘marketers to create an omnichannel view of the consumer’ that can be activated in the SImulmedia platform.

“People-based marketing with TV is rapidly transforming, and this partnership helps advertisers target and measure highly tailored audiences at the individual level,” said Travis May, LiveRamp president and general manager.