Spotify and Snapchat suffering widespread outage – reports

Spotify and Snap appear to be suffering an outage. The issue started just a few minutes ago. My wife got a message when she tried to access Spotify saying all her Playlists had been deleted on our Family Account. says about Spotify: “Users are reporting problems related to: errors, playback issues and sign in.”

On Twitter, Spotify users are reporting a variety of issues. Here are a few sample tweets:
@peachywonuu:”Does anyone elses keep stopping 10 seconds into the song??? and I cant even pull it up on my browser”

@shimel23: “I reinstalled Spotify and now cant log back 🙁

@itz-tucke: “Spotify being down got my 2,000 song playlist deleted and I can’t recover it with it being down”

Other Twitter users are referencing Spotify, Snap and Discord all being down but Discord is currently working for me, while at least one work colleague can still access Spotify. 

We have asked Spotify and Snap for a status update.

Anecdotal evidence suggest that whateve the issue was with Spotify and Snapchat, they had been resolved by 6.50pm UK time tonight.