Spotify calls out Apple’s anti-competitive practices on consumers in new ad

Spotify has launched a new campaign that showcases the restrictions that Apple places on developers.

Some of these restrictions prevent users from being able to easily learn about new deals and promotions which could improve their digital experience and cut costs.

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As a result, the streaming platforms “Censored” campaign leverages the platform’s 3MF Premium offer for all eligible Free tier or new users in the UK, with the advert being plastered in key locations in London including Leicester Square and Westminister.

The ad, part of Spotify’s ‘Time to Play Fair’ campaign, which has seen the platform call Apple “outrageous” for trying to charge a 27% fee for transactions outside the App Store.

The campaign also features an email to all eligible iOS users with information about the offer redacted in the OOH displays.

Spotify Head of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, April Boyd, said: “For far too long, Apple’s anti-competitive practices have kept UK consumers in the dark about ways to save money.

“We want to show consumers what a fairer digital market should look like, with greater transparency, increased convenience, and new promotions. This is why Spotify supports a strong DMCC Bill that creates a level playing field, ensuring the UK remains a leading market for digital innovation.”

The news comes as the company has urged the UK government to pass a strong Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers (DMCC) Bill that brings consumers an expanded tech sector.