Telefónica and Swrve launch AI solution for optimising notifications

Tim Maytom

Network operator and telecoms firm Telefónica has unveiled a new artificial intelligence solution for mobile applications, aimed at optimising the delivery of notifications sent to users. The company has partnered with marketing automation platform Swrve, and says the new machine learning-powered solution is an attempt to "solve the attention economy challenge".

The solution uses a new proprietary technology called Smart Notifications to boost engagement with push campaigns by automatially selecting the best moment during the day to send notifications, targeting users when they are most receptive to brand interactions.

Used alongside Swrve's interaction engine, the system represents one of the most complete and sophisticated push notification platforms on the market, and the solution's AI technology can supposedly even predict moments when users are available and "open for engagement".

"In a context of the no attention economy, brands need to become more relevant to capture the attention of their customers, and customers are hoping to receive less useless interruptions," said David del Val, director of product innovation at Telefónica. "Smart Notifications solves both issues by helping brands contact their customers at the right time, when the message is welcomed."

The system uses exclusively sensor data from devices to tailor its deliveries, with no personal information or sensitive data collected or kept by Telefónica's servers. According to the company's studies, users contacted with the system are 30-40 per cent more likely to interact with apps, and 40 per cent less likely to disable notifications.

"We're delighted to be working alongside Telefónica to bring the most sophisticated push notification solution to market," said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. "By using Smart Notifications alongside the full sophistication of Swrve's interaction engine, new levels of engagement, loyalty and revenue are possible for enterprise organisations."