Under Armour Sees Success with Cross-device Campaign

Under Armour Rocket FuelPerformance sportswear firm Under Armour has revealed the results of a cross device campaign executed by programmatic marketing platform Rocket Fuel. The campaign delivered a 60 per cent increase in revenue and an ROI of 511 per cent.

For the last year, Under Armour has been running a direct response (DR) ad campaign, which delivered an ROI of 218 per cent. But the business wanted to push its results even further, place a greater focus on mobile, increase brand awareness and reach new customers. To do so it deployed Rocket Fuel’s cross-device solution, which succeeded in increasing consumer reach from 9m to 27m users by targeting people, rather than devices.

According to Rocket Fuel, the average UK household has 8.3 devices and mixes their browsing habits across them. The company’s cross-device tech aims to serve ads at the right time, to the right person and on the platform that is most likely to lead to a conversion. This campaign optimisation led to a 60 per cent increase in revenue and 80 per cent increase in site transaction volumes.

The cross-device solution utilises a unified profile, which combines multi-device browsing habits into a centralised data hub, This takes into consideration a number of variables, including a consumer’s location; time of day; ads clicked and websites visited; and when they switch between smartphones, tablets, and desktop throughout the day. It also takes account of longer-term factors such as browsing habits, purchasing behaviour, and interests. During the Under Armour campaign, 19 per cent of purchasing transactions were influenced by a different device. For example, 27 per cent of transactions completed on a desktop began their journey on an Android device.

A large part of the campaign included video creative, leveraging top sports stars such as Andy Murray during Wimbledon; Anthony Joshua when defending his IBF world title; plus footballer Memphis Depay and swimmer, Michael Phelps. The video ads were served to people who hadnt visited the Under Armour site, yet “most” clicked through and for those who did, the video achieved a 75 per cent completed view rate. The creative was served dependent on browsing habits, which predicted the best imagery for each different customer, at scale.

“Rocket Fuel’s cross-device and dynamic creative solutions have significantly extended our mobile reach and conversions,” said Dimitri Arts, senior manager, eCommerce Europe at Under Armour. “Since launching campaigns with both solutions, we’ve been able to blend brand exposure, seasonality and dynamic creative output to maximize product revenue in real-time.”