Unilever and GroupM partner on tool to measure data ethics

Unilever and GroupM have teamed up to launch a tool to help advertisers to review the ethics of their data usage. The Data Ethics Compass, available as a global web app, enables advertisers to evaluate the ethical risk level of data assets and decisions based on a proprietary scoring logic.

The Compass examines the potential ethical risks of data-driven campaigns from the perspective of the consumer through a single codified framework.

“Our Data Ethics Compass provides clients a consistent approach on how best to navigate ethical risk and prioritize and respect the privacy of people on the other side of the screen,” said Krystal Olivieri, GroupM’s Global SVP for Data Strategy and Partnerships. “This new capability demonstrates GroupM’s belief that even though you have access to certain data, it doesn’t mean you should always use it. We have an obligation as an industry to re-establish an appropriate balance.”

GroupM is working closely with its media agency, Mindshare, to apply the tool and framework to Unilever’s data-driven media activations.

“Creating a responsible digital ecosystem continues to be a priority for Unilever and adding an ethical overlay for use of data in media is a key next step,” said Jennifer Gardiner, Unilever’s Senior Director of Media. “Consumers are growing increasingly distrustful of advertising and lack clarity in how their data is being collected and used in profiling tactics. Our partnership with GroupM on the launch of this much-needed tool sends a reassuring and bold signal that we must all hold ourselves, our partners and agencies to the highest standards, truly putting consumers first.”