Vizury Launches Engage Commerce Platform

VizuryMartech firm Vizury has launched its Engage Commerce platform, that aims to help eCommerce brands drive user retention and incremental conversions. The platform blends in-app behavioural attributes with machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations through multi-product push notifications across channels for synchronized campaigns.

Vizury co-founder and CEO Chetan Kulkarni explained how the platform works in a briefing with Mobile Marketing: “Let’s say you are an online retailer. A customer comes to your site and maybe looks at a pair of jeans but then drops off. That leaves a signal for the retailer in terms of their intent. Our platform offers the ability to interpret this intent and then action it across multiple channels. So 24 hours later, the retailer can send them a personalised push notification with rich media images of the jeans. If there’s no reply to that, they can retarget the customer on Facebook. If that doesn’t solicit a response, then the next time they come back into app we can personalise the experience by taking the customer back to that same pair of jeans they were looking at previously.”

According to Kulkarni, the platform also enables brands to predict uninstalls with an accuracy rate of 83 per cent, and use targeted retention campaigns to pre-empt the uninstall.

“For each user, we have an activity map that tells us how many times they have opened the app in the last 30 days and what sections that have visited,” Kulkarni explained. “Since we have the device ID we can track them on Google and Facebook and combine that with first- and third-party data to arrive at an activity score. When it drops below a certain threshold they are flagged as being at a high risk of churning and the brand can then look at their lifetime value and if they are a loyal, high-spending customer, make them offer to re-engage them.”