Weekly Highlights: Channel 4, Moto G, Pinterest and More

Welcome to another roundup of the most interesting stories you might have missed on the site this week.

Kirsty Styles spoke to Channel 4 head of data planning and analytics Sanjeevan Bala about the role mobile has played in transforming how it operates. Bala explains how the station has successfully trialled demographic ad targeting with the likes of B&Q, Unilver and McDonalds and touches on whats coming next year. Read the full interview here.

Elsewhere, this weeks big device news was the launch of the Moto G. With a seemingly endless number of announcements of near-identical handset each month, they rarely make much impression, but the Moto Gs pricetag makes it stick out. In the US, the 8GB model will cost $179 (£112), and the specs suggest its not compromising much in terms of performance.

After receiving a huge amount of buzz a year or so back, Pinterest seemed to subsequently disappear off a lot of peoples radars. This week has made it clear that the social network isnt to be ignored, however, with Piqora research finding that a single pin featuring a brands product is worth an average of $0.78 (£0.48) in extra revenues. That news was followed by todays rollout of APIs enabling brands to bring pinned content to their own sites and apps.

Finally, Ill leave you with a couple of interesting figures. The average response time of a mobile retail site is 6.9 seconds, according to data from Compuware, way behind the 0.5 seconds seen on the fastest desktop sites. And in North America, Facebook and YouTube each see more mobile traffic than the entire mobile web combined. Just click to read the full stories.

Well be back Monday with all the latest news, reviews and analysis from the industry – and a redesigned website to boot!

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