Weekly Highlights: Millennial, BlackBerry and OTT Messaging

Welcome to another look at the highlights of the last week on the site.

Probably the biggest industry news this week was Millennials acquisition of Jumptap, which some have pointed to as a sign of consolidation among mobile ad networks. Its worth noting, though, that according to eMarketer data, Millennial currently accounts for less than one per cent of all mobile ad revenues.

We also saw Telefónica signing a deal with Evernote to offer the productivity app as a value-add to its 250m subscribers, and the first official sign that BlackBerry might be headed for a sale.

Facebook also revealed some interesting figures on its mobile userbase. Mobile accounts for 83 per cent of daily users in the UK, and 78 per cent in the US – and thats just a taster. Check out the full story here.

Kirsty Styles round up of the leading OTT messaging apps – from KakaoTalk to WhatsApp, Snapchat to Skype – is recommended reading, as is the companion piece looking at how each app is doing, and whos using it, based on stats shared with Mobile Marketing by Onavo. 

Together, theyre a great way of catching up on whats happening in the messaging space right now, across the globe.

Thanks for reading, and well see you again on Monday.

Alex Spencer

Online Editor