2018 Award Winners: B2B App, B2C App and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality campaigns

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners in the Most Effective B2B App, Most Effective B2C App  and Most Effective Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Campaign categories.

Most Effective B2B App: Sky, Domestic & General, Rufus Leonard and Pocket App – Sky Protect Engineers’ App
Sky Protect insurance, provided by its partner and warranty specialist Domestic & General, has traditionally been marketed and sold using traditional channels: outbound sales, email and web. In a post-GDPR world, these channels are becoming challenged, as consumers opt out of marketing communications. However, in research commissioned by Domestic & General, it was found that the Sky Protect product is as popular with this difficult to reach audience. The challenge then was how to communicate the benefits of this product to the Sky audience with a light touch and in a privacy-friendly manner.

When Sky engineers visit a property for a new installation or a repair they have a key opportunity to upsell other offers and services, including Sky Protect insurance cover. Previously, this has been achieved through leaflets carried by the engineers and given to customers to read while the installation takes place.

To improve on this, Sky and Domestic & General worked with Rufus Leonard and Pocket App to create a native app for Sky engineers which could engage customers directly. The app was developed to build awareness of the Sky Protect insurance offering, with the goal of leveraging the engineer presence to create a more efficient sales channel. The primary metric for determining the success of this app-based approach would be the conversion rate of plans sold to videos viewed.

On launch, the app guides the consumer through the Sky Protect offer via a short introductory video. The customer then receives a summary of the offer with three clear options – no interest, sign up, or request a phone or email follow-up for further information. Finally, the app confirms via pop-up that the customer has not been pressurised into signing or has any complaints about the app experience.

At the time of entry, there had not been a single complaint.
Phase one covered 200 of Sky’s 3,000 engineers in the UK. Phase Two will provide additional consumer benefit, with the app experience splintering based on the type of equipment the customer has installed (HD Box vs Q Box). The relevant deal can then be served up to them seamlessly, without the need for further questions.

The results of the deployment were supplied to the judges in confidence and were impressive enough to take the award.

Judges’ View: ““An excellent, well thought-through solution with a clear strategy, innovative approach and amazing results. The execution is simple but knowingly customer-friendly.”

Most Effective B2C App
TrustedHousesitters – TrustedHousesitters App
Having facilitated more than 2m nights of house and pet sitting since launching in 2010, the need for a mobile app for the TrustedHousesitters brand had become evident. When designing the app, the company had three main aims: improving communication, ensuring relevance, and introducing the ability to post and share content. The engineering team concentrated on building a best-in-class app for usability, with a design system based on the atomic design methodology.

The launch of the app was supported with an email campaign rolled out over a 24-hour period, with communications tailored to each side of the TrustedHousesitters network. Within 24 hours, more members were live on the app than on the website, and messaging was used to onboard new members and continually drive downloads.

The app hit its download target for 2018 within the first two weeks of release, and currently averages 2,500 daily users and a rating of 4.7 on the app store. While initial marketing focused on existing members, new marketing has expanded to non-members in the company’s CRM database, which has driven a further surge in membership. The judges felt this app deserved the award for the impact it has had on a long-established business.

Judges’ View: “This was a highly competitive category, but TrustedHousesitters won because they created a step change in their business, adding new features and functionality to take an already successful brand and transform its business through the launch of an app.”

Most Effective Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Campaign: Magnum Singapore, Blippar and Mindshare – Make My Magnum Through Augmented Reality
The main objectives of this campaign were to generate awareness of, and drive footfall to, the Magnum Pleasure Store and deliver a compelling and shareable online experience. To do so, Magnum worked with Blippar to create a unique and immersive mobile ad campaign, harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR).

The experience leveraged the gyroscope of users’ smartphones to immerse them in Magnum’s different flavours in 180 degrees. Users looked up, down and side-to-side to reveal different coatings, toppings and drizzles, which were overlaid onto their own real world environment in AR.

Once users had designed their own Magnum, with their own unique combination of flavours they could get directions to the Magnum Pleasure Store to buy it at a discount. And they could do all this without the need to download the Blippar AR app, as the experience was published to the web using Blippar’s AR ad unit. Users simply tapped on the Magnum mobile ad to launch the AR experience.

The campaign delivered excellent results for Magnum, dwarfing those typically produced by rich media ads. These were shared with the judges in confidence and were enough to secure the award in this category.

Judges’ View: “Good, solid thinking around the strategy and how to achieve it. A fun, entertaining, personalised user experience and impressive results.”

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