Google Testing Promoted Video in Search Results

google adwords formatsGoogle has been testing a new advertising format that would place promoted video ads in search results, which could prove a useful move in combating the dropping cost of standard search ads.

According to Digiday, search video ads are in a limited test right now, following discussions between Google and prominent advertisers who view video as the next natural evolution of search ad formats.

“What used to be narrowly defined as search is being turned on its head,” said one digital marketing executive. “Google is finally getting away from just having three lines of text. Video ads have taken over mobile, Facebook and YouTube, and Google is thinking about how to integrate them into search.”

Yahoo and Bing are also working on similar projects, with Bings Rich Ads already offering limited video integration in a number of formats, and Microsoft intending to refine the process to improve the video experience for advertisers and consumers.

Google has reportedly floated the idea of video thumbnails in some sponsored results, as well as a number of variations, but advertising executives are keen for a more serious effort reflecting how central video is to digital and mobile marketing now.