My Life My Say enlists infleuncers to tackle Gen Z political disinterest

Charity My Life My Say has partnered with Ogilvy UK to encourage Gen Z Brits to to vote ahead of the upcoming voter registration deadline on 2 May 2024 in a new campaign titled ‘You Already Vote, So Vote’ campaign.

As a result, the charity has drafted a raft of reality stars and influencers from shows such as Big Brother, Love Island and Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), to use their experience of winning votes to encourage young people to get involved.

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These celebrities include BGT’s Ashley Glazebrook, Big Brother’s Bradley Riches and presenter Will Best, Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka, Frankie Foster, Molly Marsh, Kai Fagan and Tanyel Revan.

The campaign features a comprehensive influencer drive and PR outreach targeting youth media as a 30-second cinema ad featuring the voice of Big Brother narrator, Marcus Bentley, running in Pearl and Dean cinemas and OOH.

Ogilvy Creative and Strategy Officer, Charlie Coney, said: “We used the talent people already vote for to get them to vote when it matters most”.

“An earned first idea with real impact, with influencers spearheading a campaign that’s now rolling out across other channels before Tuesday’s deadline. Now stop reading this and go register.”

The launch comes as research revealed that 68% of young people are more likely to vote in reality TV shows than in elections, while 30% of people aged 18-34 are not registered to have their say at all.

Ogilvy Executive Creative Directors Nicola Wood and Andy Forrest added: “Someone very famous once said ‘Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch’. Which is where our campaign comes in.”

“If the lamb wants to choose what it wants for lunch, then more lambs need to vote. In order to get every single young person voting we are empowering them to register to vote by tapping into culture and highlighting the fact that they already do,” they continued.

“Gen Z vote for any number of Love Islanders, celebs in a jungle and every other reality TV show, but our army of influencers flipped the coin telling them to vote on their own reality.”