PubMatic and xAd Launch Location-Based Programmatic Marketplace

xAd PubMaticPubMatic has partnered with xAd to launch a global location-verified programmatic mobile ad marketplace.

The marketplace will be available through PubMatic, bolstering its location-aware mobile inventory, while xAd will leverage PubMatic’s Private Marketplace capabilities, which incorporates the ability to target mobile-specific parameters.

“Gaining access to PubMatic’s leading mobile ecosystem is critical to our promise of serving a global market for location aware mobile inventory,” said xAd CEO Dipanshu Sharma. “This partnership is exciting because it creates a global location-verified marketplace that will allow us to tap into PubMatic’s industry-leading solutions. This way we can provide the type of precise, location-based mobile advertising and accurate measurement needed to make cross-platform advertising campaigns effective.”

The new mobile marketplace launches with approximately 20bn location-verified monthly impressions, primarily from in-app inventory – but the companies believe this has the potential to reach 40bn.