Weve Launches Persistent Opt-Out Option Using AdChoices

Weve_Optout_1Weve, the mobile marketing joint venture by network operators EE, O2 and Vodafone, has launched persistent opt-out controls for users who are served ads through its display marketing services.

As the beta testing of its mobile display service near its end, the company has announced it will use the EDAAs (European Digital Advertising Alliance) AdChoices icon to enable consumers reached by its adverts to opt out from interest-based ads on both mobile web and in-app display. Clicking on the AdChoices icon will also enable users to view their mobile operators privacy policy, viewing exactly what information is being used to send the ads.

Because Weve has access to network operator data, they can track consumers to ensure they remain opted-out, even if they change handset. While Weve stats that this gives users greater transparency and control over targeted interest-based advertising, many consumers are uncomfortable with the idea of being tracked via their phone number.

“After months of beta, we are very close to the full commercial launch of our mobile display advertising service,” said Shiv Bhaduri, head of media products at Weve. “The company has worked to develop and create a service that delivers targeted display advertising for consumers based on ads that are directly relevant to them, built on factors such as age, gender, location and interest segments.”

“But we have been very focused on giving users control over what kinds of ads they see and how those ads are chosen for them. Thats exactly what the AdChoices icon is about – giving people a simple, effective way to stop receiving targeted advertising; we have moved it on a level at Weve.”