Taco Bell launches anti-Christmas campaign

David Murphy

Taco Bell UK has launched a social and digital campaign encouraging people not to talk about Christmas.

The campaign, created by Spark Foundry and VT, will run across social throughout December, amplified across VT’s social media channels, including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

In the video, Taco Bell highlights how, each year, thousands of  birthdays are forgotten due to them occurring in the same month as Christmas. It features fictional stories from various individuals who don’t enjoy the Christmas period because of this. The creative highlights how they have had countless overlooked birthdays and missed presents, telling them to reclaim the celebrations and disrupt the usual festivities to make their December birthday front and centre, with tacos at the heart of the celebrations.

“Why have a Christmas dinner when you can have tacos?” said Lucy Dee, UK Head of Marketing at Taco Bell. “Tacos aren’t always top of mind over the festivities, so we wanted to align ourselves with something else that people might not often think about – birthdays in December. We wanted something fun and playful to get customers’ attention and this campaign does just that.”