Adsquare launches Footfall Monitor to enable marketers to assess COVID-19s impact

Real-time data exchange Adsquare has released the Adsquare Footfall Monitor, to help marketers understand the global impact of COVID-19 on their advertising campaigns. The interactive report is available for free from the Adsquare website and will be updated weekly.

The Adsquare Footfall Monitor enables marketers to gain insights on store visitation rates across 15 advertising verticals, including supermarkets, pharmacies, fast-food and takeaway restaurants, and public transport, throughout Europe and N. America. Further footfall verticals are provided for locations under current enforced closure to enable marketers to monitor and plan for the time when lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted.

Data has been collected, analysed and provided prior to global lockdowns being imposed, on 9 March 2020, to enable comparisons against previous norms, different advertising verticals and countries. Custom reports are also available to help facilitate traditional footfall index benchmarking.

Across all markets where nationwide lockdowns remain in place, a downward trend in footfall is continuing to be reported. However, Adsquare said that the data from its Footfall Monitor will indicate when this nadir has been reached and help marketers anticipate and plan for when upward trend begin to resume, as lockdown restrictions are loosened.
“In these extremely challenging times, marketers are having to rewrite their strategies and make quick, tactical choices regarding the place, price, and promotion of their products,” said Adsquare co-founder and CEO, Tom Laband. “We wanted to do whatever we could to help marketers navigate these difficult decisions, by repurposing and opening up the data from our platform on global footfall to anyone who would benefit.”

You can access the Footfall Monitor here.