Alipay partners with Splyt to enable Chinese tourists to access local cab services

David Murphy

Mobile payment and lifestyle platform Alipay is partnering with UK mobility start-up, Splyt Technologies, to give the payment platform's hundreds of millions users access to a global ride-hailing inventory via its in-app mobility marketplace mini program. The integration means that, when travelling overseas, Chinese tourists can quickly and easily hail taxis from leading local providers through Alipay, without downloading a new app.

"Consumers don't want 100 different apps – they want tools that make their lives easier," said Kiki Wu, director of business development, cross-border business at Alipay. "This brand-new taxi hailing mini program makes it possible to search, book and pay for taxi rides in our users' native currency. Partnering with Splyt gives us unparalleled access to a roster of transport providers across the world that will make getting around when travelling easier than ever before."

The Splyt platform, which reaches 1.5bn users in over 50 countries and territories, will provide Alipay users with access to its network of transport partners in over 1,000 cities. Ride-hailing services on the Splyt platform include Gett and Careem. Splyt has also created a custom-built user-interface designed to meet the needs of users when travelling. All payment is processed in the user's preferred currency. In addition to 24/7 customer support, an in-app chat function is available to help passengers communicate with drivers even if they don't speak the same language.

"We're delighted to launch this groundbreaking collaboration with Alipay to help ease the journeys of its users when abroad," said Splyt CEO, Philipp Mintchin. "With the number of Chinese tourists growing every year, the strength of our platform will ease and support tourism in some of the fastest growing commercial corridors worldwide. As a London-based company, this is also a testament to the UK tech industry, and our ability to reach a global mobility market."

At launch, Alipay users from the Chinese mainland are able to use mobility services from Splyt partners in the UK, UAE and South-East Asia, with further coverage across the globe being rolled out later this summer.