Amazon has rolled out the companion app for its Echo Look device

Amazon Echo LookLast month, Amazon unveiled an Alexa-powered device called the ‘Echo Look’. The Look features a built-in 5MP camera that can be used to take full-length hands-free photos and video, while acting as a style advisor, all just by using voice.

Now, the product’s companion app has gone live on both Android and iOS – though the $199.99 Echo Look is still only available by invitation.

The app can be used to take photos from different angles, create a ‘personal lookbook’, or compare two outfits and get a second opinion on which looks better through a ‘style check’ service – which uses machine learning and advice from fashion specialists to provide feedback.

The Echo Look device itself also can also perform all the normal voice-controlled tasks that any other Echo product can, including reading the news and audiobooks, setting alarms, providing traffic and weather updates, controlling smart home devices, playing music, and more.