Fashion brand Pinko launches its first metaverse store

Fashion brand Pinko has launched its first virtual store, to celebrate the opening of its New Milan Boutique. Developed by Emperia, the virtual store serves as an extension of the new brick and mortar Milan Boutique, allowing customers from around the world to experience its dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, from the comfort of their own home.

Pinko is known for its unique, eclectic, original and contemporary style. Inspired by Pinko’s DNA, bold and beautiful, the virtual store mirrors and celebrates the opening of Pinko’s new boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in Milan, Italy. The virtual store aims to drive brand recognition and tap into new female communities, as well as empowering women around the world to feel independent and able to express their femininity in a bespoke way.

Spread out across two vibrant, futuristic pink floors, the virtual store boasts an array of brand new, specially designed handbags. Customers will be able to buy these from the brand new Pinko Galleria, exclusive to this experience, directly from the metaverse store while experiencing, interacting with, and learning about them via 3D modelling.

Emperia develops immersive virtual stores for the retail and fashion sectors. Powering a virtual store development & management platform, its technology allows for the creation of highly differentiated virtual experiences that extend physical spaces into the metaverse, adding a layer of interaction, personalization, data monitoring; aligning with retailers’ omnichannel approach, which allows for seamless transition from physical to digital. 

“Opening in such a prestigious and internationally established location, we decided as mission statement to give global resonance to our new and unique store – such as its products – and the virtual shop is the most innovative environment that can guarantee us the possibility of expanding our vision of engagement for our consumers everywhere,” said Pinko CEO and Founder, Pietro Negra.