WATCH: LG launches ‘Optimism your feed’ ad highlighting social media positivity

LG has launched a global campaign, “Optimism your feed” in a bid to help users bring more positivity to their social media experience and engage with more uplifting content.

As a result, the electronic giant has launched a compilation of content available on TikTok and YouTube, which is curated by influencers and showcases positivity.

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When viewed, the playlist is meant to pull positive content into a user’s social feed.

The playlist was made in collaboration with global influencers including Tina Choi, Victoria Browne and Josh Harmon and includes over 20 short-form videos highlighting everything from feel-good content to motivational videos.

Meanwhile, the company has also partnered with social media experts including Professor Casey Fiesler, who educates the public on technology ethics, internet policy and online communities.

The launch comes as a new survey commissioned by the brand revealed almost half of respondents (45%) have a social media feed that consists of an equal or greater amount of negative content compared with positive.

Meanwhile, 28% claimed negative content on their social media feeds has increased their anxiety and one in five (20%) said it has made them unhappy.

LG VP and Head of the Brand Management division, Hyoeun Kim, said: “As a customer-focused brand, LG is a passionate champion of optimism. We aim to create positive changes in people’s lives by being intentional with our positive activities both online and in the real world.

“In the AI era, LG remains committed to our unwavering promise of ‘Life’s Good.’ We will continue to enhance our customers’ lives with a human-centric approach, fostering hope for a better future.”

The campaign will later spread to various social media platforms through collaborations with influencers globally, LG revealed.