Meta to begin labelling AI-generated content from next month

The parent company of Instagram and Facebook, Meta, has revealed it will start labelling AI-generated media from next month.

Meta’s ‘Made with AI’ comes as the tech giant aims to reassure users over the risks of deepfakes.

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Additionally, the company stated it will no longer remove AI edited images and audio that don’t otherwise break its rules, instead, it will rely on labelling and contextualisation.

Meta, Vice President of Content Policy, Monika Bickert, said: “We agree that providing transparency and additional context is now the better way to address this content.

“The labels will cover a broader range of content in addition to the manipulated content that the Oversight Board recommended labelling.”

Bickert added: “If we determine that digitally-created or altered images, video or audio create a particularly high risk of materially deceiving the public on a matter of importance, we may add a more prominent label so people have more information and context.”

Meta follows the likes of YouTube, which recently launched a new element within its Creator Studio, where creators will have to disclose when they upload AI-generated content.

YouTubers creators will now be required to check a box when the content of their upload “is altered or synthetic and seems real”, to avoid misinformation.