Nationwide embraces AI for clearer messaging amid ad ban

Nationwide has turned to AI to help assist with its communications following two of its adverts being banned for being “misleading”.

As a result, the building society has launched a “strategic partnership” with software company Red Marker, which aims to enhance consumer protection through clear and accurate communications.

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The partnership also hopes to proactively minimise risk in marketing and promotional assets and ensure strict adherence to key regulatory requirements.

The move follows two of the bank’s adverts being banned by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for “misleading” customers about the closure of high street banks.

The advert, which featured Dominic West and Sunil Patel, stated “Unlike the big banks, we’re not closing our branches” as its closing line. However, according to the ASA, customers were made to believe the adverts in the context of high street bank closures, claiming that although Nationwide had closed fewer banks than others over a ten-year period, despite it still shutting 20% of its branches.

Nationwide Senior Manager Financial Promotions and Advertising Approvals, Susan Turvey, said: “We’re happy to be working with Red Marker, who will enable our teams to become more efficient and help ensure that our customers receive clear, fair and not misleading information through our marketing promotions. For an organisation which is so focussed on delivering the best possible customer service, this is really important to us.”

Red Marker, COO, Mark Wood added: “We’re delighted to partner with Nationwide. Our strategic partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to consumer protection.

“Helping ensure accurate communications while actively mitigating risk in marketing communications is crucial in providing an outstanding customer experience. We are excited to be involved in this pivotal step toward fortifying internal operations and maintaining the highest standards for customer communication at Nationwide.