Mobile Bloggers get AdMob Ads

David Murphy

Web2Txt's  Andy Moore has partnered with mobile Internet advertising Marketplace AdMob to launch a free mobile plug-in for the WordPress blogging tool. The new offering will enable the global WordPress blogger community to both go mobile quickly and then immediately start to monetize their content from advertising revenue.   
WordPress is a popular open source blogging tool used by thousands of blogs, including TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, Venturebeat and Schobelizer. Andy Moore of Web2Txt, a dotmobi certified mobile web developer, has built a plug-in to enable WordPress bloggers to extend their reach by publishing for mobile phones. The WordPress plug-in integrates AdMob code that gives bloggers the option to include ads in their posts.
AdMob is proud to see the developer community leveraging the AdMob Marketplace to create new ways for content owners to monetize their traffic says  AdMob Founder and CEO, Omar Hamoui. This plug in marries the power of WordPress tools and the AdMob network to enable leading bloggers to generate income in a turnkey fashion."
More than 150 WordPress bloggers have been beta-testing the new plug-in. The tool makes it easy for bloggers to launch a mobile presence, extending the reach of content to a broad array of mobile phones. It also provides configuration of pages leveraging .mobi and W3C standards and automatic insertion of AdMob ads at the option of the blog owner.
We aim to reduce the entry level to mobile publishing by making it easy for WordPress users to go mobile and reap the rewards of AdMob's advertising in just a few clicks," says Web2Txt Director Andy Moore. This plug-in lets bloggers adhere to standards, without  getting their hands dirty in any code. It's easy to publish to mobile in a matter of seconds."
Using the WordPress plug-in, bloggers can extend existing blogs to mobile phones; publish posts and upload files from their phone; configure the appearance of mobile Internet blog pages; enable showing and posting of comments; choose to turn on advertising and manage the ads that run on their blog; and get real-time reports on click-through statistics, traffic and earnings.
The test tool is available to all WordPress users here.