Adblock Plus unveils new criteria for Acceptable Ads initiative

Eyeo, the maker of Adblock Plus, has announced new mobile-specific criteria for its Acceptable Ads initiative, which aims to whitelist specific advertisers who will then be exempt from Adblock Plus content blocking filters.

The criteria are defined by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee which is focused on determining the guidelines for what constitutes non-disruptive online ad formats that will not interrupt the online experience of users with Eyeos leading ad blocker installed.

The introduction of mobile-specific criteria is aimed at improving the browsing experience of ad-blocking users on mobile, and follows nearly a year of research, feedback and deliberation by the committee. 2000 ad-blocking users were surveyed to better understand the level of disruption caused by the most common formats of mobile advertising, and from these results, the committee drafted criteria, which they shared with the ad-blocking community to collect additional feebback.

“The Acceptable Ads Committee has done an outstanding job of identifying the need for mobile-specific criteria, and commissioning a large study to collect data among ad-blocking users,” said Job Plas, director of industry relations at Eyeo. “The findings have been put into practice into a major update to the Acceptable Ads criteria, which will impact millions of mobile users worldwide.”