Snapchat introduces Story sharing outside its own platform

Photo-messaging app Snapchat has launched a new feature, enabling users to share some of the Stories published using its platform to be shared on third-party services, including other popular social networks.

The feature will be immediately available to all users who have access to the recently-redesigned version of the app, and will roll out alongside this version as it becomes more widely available over the next few weeks. It will be included in both iOS and Android versions of the app.

The new Story sharing feature is the first time Snap has enabled or encouraged content from within its app to be shared on external services. Users will be able to share Official Stories, unpartnered Our Stories and Search Stories, and will be able to share them via text, email or by posting them on other platforms.

Official Stories are reserved for popular or notable users, and are currently only available to a small group that includes Phillip Schofield, Dua Lipa, Stormzy, Millie Bobby Brown and Rita Ora in the UK. Over time, the format will become more widely available.

Our Stories are centred on events, festivals and celebrations, and are curated by Snapchats content teams. Search Stories appear in Snapchats Search function, and are based on trending topics, user interests and nearby events.

“Since launching Our Stories in June 2014, weve seen the unique perspectives of Snapchatters as they share Snaps from major news events as well as everyday life,” said a Snapchat spokesperson in a statement announcing the feature. “With the launch of this new Story sharing feature, were excited that Snapchatters will now be able to share even more of those Stories with friends and family outside of Snapchat!”

The new feature comes as Snapchat invests more in original content and aims to establish itself as a more legitimate publisher. Snap has seen its stock value decrease substantially since floating on the stock market, largely due to disappointing financial disclosures.