Snapchat unveils Ad Manager 2.0, its biggest improvement since launching

Tim Maytom

Snapchat-owner Snap has announced the launch of Ad Manager 2.0, the firm's biggest upgrade to its ad tools since it first rolled out a solution for marketers using the photo and video-sharing app. New features include simplified ad buying and management tools, as well as new Audience Filters, providing marketers with targeting beyond national or hyper local location filters.

Ad Manager 2.0 will unify several of Snapchat's existing advertising tools, including Advanced Mode, Snap Publisher, Business Manager and the new Audience Filters, into a single streamlined tool, and also incorporated Ad Set Duplication and Frequency Capping into the everyday ad buying experience.

Audience Filters will offer advertisers targeting filters at scale for the first time on the platform, enabling advanced targeting based on a number of factors, as well as improved measurement and more efficient pricing.

"We've streamlined Snapchat Ads Manager so advertisers can buy, optimise, target, and measuer in one simple place," said Peter Sellis, director of revenue product at Snap. "And we added Audience Filters to the tool, a big win for advertisers who want to run creative, targeted camera ads at an efficient price."

Marketers will now be able to run Filter-based campaigns with targeting based on age, gender, language, device type, location or any of Snap's Lifestyle Categories. Brands can also fine-tune their delivery schedule, re-engage based on users who shared their filter, and see real-time metrics like paid impressions, saves, shares and spend.

The new tool rollout comes less than a week after Snap announced its Q3 results, which saw the firm report losses of $443.2m (£376.9m) and caused its share price to drop by over 20 per cent. A redesign of the entire app is planned for Q4, with a focus on making the app more user-friendly in an effort to pull in more users and increase revenues.

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