Twitter expands labels to the personal accounts of world leaders

The app will begin labelling the personal accounts of heads of state


Facebook begins test to reduce political content in its news feed

The ‘temporary’ move will affect a small number of people in Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, and the US over the next few weeks


Twitter to label accounts of government officials and state-linked media

The update to labelling means that senior officials including foreign ministers, institutional entities, ambassadors, official spokespeople, and key diplomatic leaders in China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US will all be clearly identified


Facebook reportedly considering ban on political ads

Report suggests that Facebook may enforce a blanket ban on political ads ahead of US election


Google tightens political advertising policies

The search giant will restrict targeting options but will not ban political advertising entirely


Twitter bans all political advertising

Twitter has made the decision to put a stop to all political advertising, as announced by the company’s chief executive officer and co-founder Jack Dorsey. “We’ve made the decision to


TikTok bans all political advertising on its platform

No paid political ads will be accepted on the popular short-form video app


Twitter to place warnings on tweets from politicians that break its rules

Twitter is going to start labelling tweets from government officials and world leaders which have violated the platform’s rules but haven’t been removed as they are in public interest. The


Facebook rolls out political advertising rules across the EU

Ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, Facebook has rolled out a host of tools in an attempt to stop its platform being used for foreign interference by nations like


Facebook removes misleading content from Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo

Facebook has removed 2,632 pages, groups, and accounts from its website for spreading “coordinated inauthentic” content with ties to Iran, Russia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. The platform found no intentional collusion

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