Young adults appreciate the need for internet ads, but want control: report

The vast majority of young adults understand the importance of advertising to ensuring the internet continues to remain available in the same capacity, but the invasive nature of advertising means


Illegal music downloading falls as streaming services dominate

Illegal music downloading has almost halved in the UK in the past five years, with the number of Britons obtaining music this way dropping from 18 per cent to 10


UK consumers dont like when brands wish them happy birthday or use their first names

Just seven per cent of UK consumers are interested in messages from brands that relate to personal details like their birthday, while only eight per cent are likely to engage


Gen Z social media users only want to see content and ads relevant to them

63 per cent of people within Generation Z would prefer to only see content or advertising from brands they already follow on social media, showing marketers that they may need


Generation Z shoppers want deep personalisation when shopping online

Generation Z shoppers, despite representing a big opportunity, are posing a fresh set of challenges for online fashion retailers to cope with. According to a survey of 2,191 UK adults,


AdBlock Plus hits back at IAB claims that adblock users are stagnating

AdBlock Plus (ABP) has fired back at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) after YouGov research, commissioned by the Bureau, revealed that UK adblocking adoption had plateaued at 22 per cent


UK Ad Blocking Numbers Have Stabilised Despite Rise Fears

The proportion of British adults using ad blocking software has continued to hover around the 22 per cent mark for the last year, according to a report from the Internet


Three Quarters of Marketers Believe Ad Blocking is Good for the Industry

76 per cent of marketers believe ad blocking will be good for the industry, because it will generate creativity, according to a YouGov survey of 255 marketing professional Chartered Institute


Ageism Twice as Prevalent in Media Industry than UK Average

The UKs media, marketing, PR and advertising industry experiences significantly higher-than-average levels of ageism,  with 42 per cent of people having witnessed age-based discrimination in the workplace compared to 19


11 Per Cent of UK is Playing Pokémon Go

6.1m UK adults (13 per cent of the UK population) have downloaded and installed Pokémon Go since the app was released here on 14 July, with 5.3m (87 per cent

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