Internet Matters

EE launches child phone safety SMS service

The ‘Set Up Safe’ service, available to all EE pay monthly customers, provides parents with guidance on how they can manage their child’s online activity

Internet Matters

Supercell joins forces with Internet Matters to keep children safe when gaming online

Supercell, a Tencent-owned mobile game developer most famous for creating Clash of Clans, has teamed up with not-for-profit organisation Internet Matters to help make the online gaming environment safer for

Internet Matters

TikTok teams up with Internet Matters to promote digital wellbeing

TikTok, a massively popular short-form video app, has teamed up with Internet Matters to continue building on its recent focus on online safety. The collaboration will see the pair work

Internet Matters

Samsung joins Internet Matters in tackling online child safety issues

Samsung is teaming up with Internet Matters, an independent non-profit organisation focused on internet safety, with the aim of tackling the issue of keeping children safe online. The pair will

Internet Matters

Three links up with Internet Matters to promote child online safety

Three has teamed up with Internet Matters, an online safety organisation, to provide advice to teenagers and parents about safely navigating the digital world. Through the partnership, the pair hope

Internet Matters

EE is training its staff to help parents discuss internet safety with their kids

Today is Safer Internet Day, and to mark the day mobile network operator EE is rolling out mobile and online safety training to its customer service employees, in order to

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