Meta launches AI features for advertisers

Meta has unveiled a raft of AI-powered features tailored to advertisers offering full image and text generation.

According to the technology giant, new tools and features will be added to the platform to make them available globally by the end of the year.

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Meanwhile, for the first time, advertisers on the social media platform can generate a range of image variations inspired by their original ad content, complete with text overlay capabilities.

This tool, which has already begun rolling out, builds upon existing features that enables the creation of new backgrounds around product images and the adaptation of them to suit various surfaces.

Meanwhile, advertisers also have the option to apply text overlays to images, with a selection of 12 popular font styles for brands to choose from.

Additionally, image expansion functionality, which seamlessly adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across various surfaces, is now accessible on Reels and Feed across both Instagram and Facebook, it revealed.

Currently, Meta offers advertisers text generation tools including creating variations for the ad headline, alongside the primary text.

However, the tech giant added it currently testing the ability for the generated text to reflect a brand’s voice and tone, by highlighting key selling points based on its previous campaigns and text input.