Twitter trials automatic translations of different languages

Twitter has begun the trial for a limited number of users in Brazil


Case study: App Annie helps global health app Ada expand into Brazil

In 2016, a group of scientists, doctors, and healthcare experts globally launched Ada, an app that allows users to track their health and find medical help. Ada helps users by


BrewDog “hacks” Waze to raise awareness for drunk driving

In order to raise awareness about the risks of drunk driving, brewery BrewDog São Paulo, located in Brazil, partnered with traffic app Waze to remind drivers of past road traffic deaths


WhatsApp has been overflowing with fake news during Brazil election

WhatsApp is once again raising concerns about how it is being used to disseminate fake news. This time, the problems with the Facebook-owned messaging platform are centred around the upcoming


Android phones sold in developing markets creating ad fraud ecosystem

New Android smartphones are being sold in developing markets with pre-installed malware, creating an international ad fraud ecosystem and leading to unauthorised charges for owners. According to Upstream, many inexpensive


Brazil Blocks WhatsApp Access for 100m Users

A Brazilian judge has ordered mobile networks operating in the country to block access to WhatsApp for 72 hours in a move likely based on the services use of encryption


Xiaomi Sales Up 33 per cent Year-on-Year

Chinese smartphone juggernaut Xiaomi continues to grow at a rapid pace, announcing that it sold 34.7m smartphones in the first half of 2015, a 33 per cent increase in sales


Mobile Horizons: Brazil

With the regularity of new announcements from the major mobile players, it’s easy to think that all the progress in the world of smartphones is being made by five or


Infographic: 90 per cent of Latin Americans Smartphone Owners Use mCommerce

With the worlds eyes turned towards Brazil for the World Cup, a new report shows that 90 per cent of Latin Americans smartphone owners are using their devices to make


The 1 Real Thing – Coca-Cola Campaign Targets Young Brazilians

Objective Latin American beverage brand Coca-Cola FEMSA was aiming to promote the renewed availability of its 250ml mini-Coke product in Brazil, priced at 1 Real (£0.25), to the youth demographic

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